Intentions. / by Noor Kalouti

Consider this my intentions statement: I finally have the time to revisit my website and write, so I’m starting this blog (which may also be a vlog, stay tuned!).

If you don’t already know, my name is Noor and this blog is about music—plain and simple. Music in all the ways I experience it.

I will be posting a weekly round up of 7 songs, and I will be reviewing one album a month. Ideally my reviews will be video, but I’m still working on my video editing skills so bare with me. 

Other than those two concrete ‘blog-goals’, the structure is fairly loose. I want to be honest with both you and me, I am figuring this out as I go. I plan to be posting other content, I’m calling them ‘thinkings’ or ‘rantings’ (following the theme that I am a thinking woman?). Music is my most circulated thought topic in my mind and I have a lot of opinions on artists, trends and, music that I plan to share with you. Expect discussion topics, in-depth artist profiles and much more!

Anyway, I’ll work on the titles and you stay tuned!

Wish me luck,