More Intentions / by Noor Kalouti

Hello all!

It’s Monday, and on this particular Mom-day (if you follow me on Instagram, you should get this) I’d like to discuss my blog. I want to redirect towards a path that I feel is more faithful to my ambitions. In this world I’ve created (a.k.a I’m a music-critic - a person with meaningful remarks on important music. So, with that said, every #weeklyroundup is going to have a more defined theme (like last week) and not just brand new music. Some weeks will be brand new music only, and you’ll know if that's the case when you see the #7days7songs tag if not the headlines should tell you all you need to know!

I am also working on that album review, I recorded my first #OverdueReview podcast last week, so it should me finalizing soon! I have some interviews and concert reviews in the works, in the meantime keep reading, keep listening and keep…doing you? Just stay tuned alright. As I mentioned in my first intentions post, I am figuring this out as I go. I’m not pretending I know what being good music blogger looks, reads and sounds like but I am working towards defining my work and making the best it can be!Sincerely,

Muffakirah <3

P.S Sorry for all the hashtags, I’m supposed to work on my #Branding #AmIEvenaHumanOrAmI AHashtag #IDontKnow